Floria Collection

Dark Blue, Red and Grey Layered Mix Bracelet

135 In Stock

Teal Swirl Bracelet

1 In Stock

FB392 Aqua Circles Bracelet

96 In Stock

Blue Circles Bracelet

14 In Stock

FB392 Purple Circles Bracelet

92 In Stock

Red Circles Bracelet

14 In Stock

FB410 Shard Bracelet

36 In Stock

FB411 Romantic Bracelet

82 In Stock

FB412 Interlock Bracelet

60 In Stock

FB413 Labyrinth Bracelet

30 In Stock

FB414 Moon Bracelet

45 In Stock

FB415 Overlay Bracelet

62 In Stock

FB416 Bell Bracelet

82 In Stock

FB417 Link Bracelet

44 In Stock

FB418 Aqua Shell Bracelet

52 In Stock

FB419 Aqua Rose Bracelet

9 In Stock

FB420 Grey Dicot Bracelet

62 In Stock

FB420 Purple Dicot Bracelet

74 In Stock

FB421 Pacman Bracelet

84 In Stock

Multicolour Elasticated Bracelet

93 In Stock

Grey Coin Bracelet

5 In Stock

Blue Crystal Hinged One Size Bangle

18 In Stock

Grey Crystal Hinged One Size Bangle

116 In Stock

Diamond White Crystal Hinged One Size Bangle

113 In Stock


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