Colourful Cotton - Add A Splash of Colour With Miss Milly

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
The popularity of scarves continues unabated and retailers are faced with a huge number of suppliers from which to choose. With a reputation for quality jewellery and scarves at reasonable prices, British brand Miss Milly has grown considerably in its first th...

Jewellery & Scarf Wholesaler in the Finals

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
Miss Milly, the British jewellery and scarf supplier, has succeeded in reaching the final of a prestigious awards programme and is under consideration for another. The growing fashion accessories wholesaler is nail-bitingly down to the final four in the Most ...

Designing Wholesale Costume and Fashion Jewellery

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
Hello! I'm Sarah, the founder of Miss Milly, designer of our jewellery collections and hopeless at art in school. It's true, I didn't think I had an artistic bone in my body and believed that my creativity was limited to being able to write. However, organ...

Doing our bit to grow the UK costume jewellery market

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
A Marketline report valued the UK costume jewellery market at £600m. Had someone asked me to guess, I would not have gone that high! And it has grown £100m in the last five years to find us now in a much more confident retail environment, which was definitel...

Making Miss Milly More Mobile - Access Our Wholesale Jewellery & Scarves From Anywhere

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
In business, we all know it's important to keep up with technology, but it takes time and money. And, for many of us, we first of all need to understand the how and why to ensure it is right for our companies and their future development. Some technologies ca...

Costume Jewellery Wholesale - Top Colours for Spring

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
Costume Jewellery Wholesale Trends Spring 2014 As we start to see the sun come out and the layers come off, costume jewellery makes a great resurgence. We change our outfits with the change of season and relish the opportunity to wear long-forgotten light...

Our tips for a top Spring Fair

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
We start planning Spring Fair in Feb as the previous one closes and we have to decide what to do about space for the following year. But then we put it to one side.What we should be doing on the final day is making a list of all the little things that make the...

Brighten up your Winter!

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
Scorn the winter rain with our beautiful scarves. Here are just a few of our lovely new designs, including butterflies, birds, dragonflies, hearts, lips, anchors and flowers... Visit our website to see the full range. Available online now! ...

Starting the year with a bang

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
Miss Milly Limited, wholesale jewellery and fashion accessories supplier, has won a Scoot Headline Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s most successful companies.The company competed against more than 400 other nominations in the Awards, and will...

Did you know that in Latin, pearl means unique?

Posted on in Blog by Sarah Watmore
 And it is true that no two pearls are identical, in which I believe lays much of their beauty. At home I have an old 35mm film canister (blast from the past) that contains some gorgeous pearls harvested from the sea by my brother during his time spent at...
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