I have just come back from an overseas trip to design and source the jewellery collection for Autumn / Winter 2013. Whilst it's the part of the business I love the most, it's also exhausting. I don't expect any pity because for most people, flying out to Asia for a few days 'work' would be heavenly.

The immersion into another culture is always fascinating; the vibrant sights, sounds and smells. The amazing feeling of heat on your skin, the hustle and bustle of a city on the other side of the world. And the pressure of creating the right collection at the right price.

Before going, I research expected trends for the next season, analyse what products have and haven't sold well in the current season, and come up with ideas for new pieces as well as confirming the suppliers I definitely want to see. And then, armed with hand luggage only and dressed for travel comfort, I'm off.

However prepared you are and whatever ideas you have in mind, you always stumble across a new supplier or range of products that somehow you just have to have in the new collection. Cue middle of the night, jet lag fuelled decisions about how to make it work.

This trip's gorgeous new find was a range of crystal and silver-plated bracelets that I couldn't resist. I was keeping an eye out for sparkles for the Christmas party season and happily have succeeded. And the bracelets have gone in to production as I type, ready for launching in August on www.missmilly.co.uk

Miss Milly is a UK jewellery wholesaler offering a wide range of reasonably priced costume jewellery as well as gorgeous designer purses and notebooks.