Hello! I'm Sarah, the founder of Miss Milly, designer of our jewellery collections and hopeless at art in school. It's true, I didn't think I had an artistic bone in my body and believed that my creativity was limited to being able to write. However, organically and almost magically, I have found that I have a fairly decent eye for colour and style.  [caption id="attachment_147" align="alignleft" width="300"]Displaying by colour works for Miss Milly Displaying by colour works for Miss Milly[/caption] We start our design process by reviewing the current season and which necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings were the most popular. From this analysis, we have the start of our new season's collection, each of which comprises a combination of old favourites (those that sell continuously well from season to season), updated designs (a twist on popular lines) and brand new pieces.   We use the analysis to understand the popularity of different materials. And we look at trend predictions to ensure that we are aware of which colours and styles will be dominating the next season's fashions. As a company that focuses on offering a broad range of costume jewellery in a wide spectrum of colours, Miss Milly doesn't adhere just to fashion trends. We know that many of our retailers' customers are more aware now than ever of what colours suit them best and so we have a consistent core of colourways that are used every season. And this is complemented with seasonal colours, such as browns in autumn and light pinks in spring. [caption id="attachment_148" align="alignleft" width="300"]Beautiful silver-plated Silver heart necklace. Beautiful silver-plated Silver heart necklace.[/caption] And we are also keenly aware that certain styles of costume jewellery are timeless. There is no stopping the popularity of hearts and long may it continue as they make for beautiful pieces. With the bare bones of our collections created, we sit down with our manufacturers to tweak and update the existing designs and create new ones. They might have new materials and finishes to show us or a new off-the-shelf design that they think we'll like. It is very rare that we buy a piece of jewellery exactly as it is when shown to us; we are always tweaking and swapping elements to ensure that the wholesale jewellery we offer is appropriate for our customer base. Once we have pulled together an outline collection, we wait for costings and when these have been received we can re-evaluate the jewellery designs and finalise the order. For most collections we request samples for sign-off to check that the colours have turned out as expected and that the heavily tweaked styles and brand new designs will actually work as a piece of jewellery. Finally, some time later, when we are already immersed in designing the next season's jewellery, the finished pieces arrive, ready to sell on to retailers throughout the UK and overseas. I hope you find something you love on the Miss Milly website, we have certainly tried our hardest to bring you striking, great quality wholesale jewellery at very reasonable prices. Sarah, Designer