In business, we all know it's important to keep up with technology, but it takes time and money. And, for many of us, we first of all need to understand the how and why to ensure it is right for our companies and their future development. Some technologies can be short-lived or irrelevant to your industry. But if your business is e-commerce based then keeping your website up to date is essential.

Web browsing and shopping today is all about the user experience. With the constant bombardment of emails offering web links to explore and the huge time pressures we face, it is essential that when you do visit a site, it’s a great experience and fulfills your needs.

This week, at UK wholesale jewellery supplier, Miss Milly, we have been updating our website with a new responsive format. This will enable the increasing number of users looking at the site on tablets and smart phones to have a better user experience because the site will automatically reconfigure to fit the device it is being viewed on. We have also redesigned the site for Spring and Summer with a clean, fresh feel and colours to suit the season.

We have seen that currently, 65% of users are visiting our website using a desktop and this is down 12% from the same period last year. 21% of users are on a tablet, which is up 9% from 2013. And 14% of users are surfing on a smart phone, up 3% from the previous year. So there is a definite trend to mobile devices and a need to cater specifically for this.

Our customers are retailers who will increasingly use these mobile communication devices during quiet spells in their store or perhaps if they use public transport to commute. So as well as being able to browse our award-winning wholesale jewellery and wholesale scarves when they want, we need to enable them to make orders at their own convenience. This requires an easy to use website that works on all types of device and in which you have complete confidence for placing orders. 

 The new, responsive Miss Milly websiteintegrated with SagePay is just that.