A new year is the perfect time to reflect and since our launch of Miss Milly, a UK wholesale jewellery supplier, just four months ago we haven't had the chance to stop and review our progress until now. 

For me, personally, breaking away from a company I'd founded and starting again in the middle of a recession may have seemed madness to some but despite the huge emotional and financial obstacles put in my way, I would not change it for anything. 

The opportunity to start a wholesale jewellery UK company again from scratch has been fantastic, allowing me to immediately implement the positive lessons I've learned from all my experiences in the last 20 years as well as minimising the start-up risks. And now as we begin 2013, I have taken the time to evaluate how the launch of Miss Milly has worked and what the key focus for growth will be for the coming year alongside highlighting where we need to improve. So we're evaluating, for example, which marketing is most effective at bringing in new wholesale jewellery customers and which areas of the UK have the least retail customer coverage. 

And we have the launch of our gorgeous new jewellery range, the Harmony Collection, to look forward to on 11 January, as well as our first collection of Annanova designer purses. There is definitely something about a new year to focus the mind!

As one of the UK's up and coming wholesale jewellery suppliers, visit our wholesale jewellery UK website at www.missmilly.co.uk