Whether it's for a shop, a trade stand or a showroom, displaying your jewellery for maximum impact is essential.

Over the past 10 years, I have sold jewellery on a festival market stall, on a trade exhibition stand, in two different shops, at home parties, at various small Christmas events, in a wholesale showroom and online. And every situation has its own intricacies to deal with whether it be the lighting, the available space or the cover you put on the pasting table.

The most recent display quandary I faced was the launch of Miss Milly at the Autumn Fair, NEC in September 2012. I decided that what was important for the new business was the jewellery and the brand. Miss Milly was new to market and this needed to be shouted about.

There was not the budget to have an all-singing bespoke trade stand so with my designer's help, we created a wallpaper style covering for the shell scheme in maroon and white. And all the other furniture and display items were matt white. This meant that we created a lifestyle identity for Miss Milly whilst allowing the jewellery to speak for itself hung on plain acrylic stands.

With a lot of colourful jewellery and minimal space, the white acrylic stands give a neutral background, with the 'wallpaper' adding interest and shouting out to show visitors.

For Spring Fair 2013, we upgraded the wallpaper, adding a seasonal lifestyle image, which was a key part of our marketing campaign.

In a shop with enough space, however, it is also possible to create zones with different colours or styles of stands. In my shop, I used, for example, black and red stands with the silver jewellery, and seasonal colours in the window displays. With jewellery being so small, having a mass change of colour in the window really helps to create a different visual effect to catch the eye of passers-by, and all kinds of props (butterflies, flowers, lanterns, etc) can be used to emphasise the season or the latest trends.

Whatever direction you take with your displays, it is crucial to remember that what most of your customers want along with your gorgeous products is clear pricing and the ability to touch and try the jewellery. So don't hide your prices, a great value price in the window can easily entice people in and clinch a sale. And if your jewellery is display in cabinets, be ready to quickly and easily get it out for customers to have a closer look.

Miss Milly is a UK wholesale jewellery supplier based in the Midlands. With a wide range of styles, great prices and an easy-to-use website, why not refresh your collection and give them a try?