Our Spring marketing campaign for wholesale jewellery and fashion accessories is in full swing with adverts and editorial appearing in the key publications. This piece on trends for jewellery and scarves in the Feb issue of Progressive Gifts features the following editorial:

Following a fantastic launch in the Autumn, new jewellery company Miss Milly is also looking forward to introducing the company's new colourful Spring/Summer lines. "We have played with the themes of asymmetry and mixing materials," comments md Sarah Watmore "Our new Harmony Collection summarises how we see the main trends for the coming season, using a harmonious balance of natural stones and manmade stainless steel. Some of the detail is asymmetric, which engages and holds the eye, as opposed to symmetry, which is too quickly read and discarded by the brain. Colours are bold, block tones to welcome back the sun." The company is also launching the exclusive distribution of Annanova accessories. "We have a stunning new range of purses and notebooks, with everything available online in early January," confirms Sarah.