• Pretty, hand-painted jewellery sets. If t-shirts and vests are still not in our immediate future (is it 🌧️ again where you are?), these look good with shirt collars and over jumpers. 

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  • We don’t ever shout about this and with 59% independent retailers worried about price increases in 2024*, we probably should!

Our manufacturing is financed with US Dollars so we are susceptible to fluctuations in the exchange rate. Long gone are the days of two Dollars to the Pound and today the rate is around $1.26 to £1. 

Sarah was once told in no uncertain terms by a business mentor that she should increase prices as standard every year. She doesn’t agree with that. When a new product is introduced at Miss Milly, the trade price is set according to the exchange rate and costs at the time. This price will remain the same for the whole season. If the product is restocked for a subsequent season the price is re-evaluated and if the exchange rate or costs have moved considerably, then the price is adjusted accordingly. Usually it remains the same, sometimes it unfortunately has to go up but at other times it actually comes down! 

The factories we work with also do their best to minimise price increases, working with us to keep affordability a priority.

You may not have noticed but this season a couple of our best-selling lines have reduced in price. The FN122 Layered Necklace has slightly decreased, as has our best-selling FN211 Heart Necklace. And the Heart Necklace is actually only 3% more than when it was first introduced seven years ago in 2017! 

So please rest assured that we are always doing what we can behind the scenes to keep our gorgeous products affordable for both retailers and consumers. 

* source: poll in @prog_gifts_greetings magazine latest issue

#pricingstrategy #affordablejewellery #honestwholesaler #affordablejewelleryandaccessories #transparencytuesday
  • Our scarf samples arrived for Autumn-Winter. These colours 🥰 Already looking forward to getting them out on display at the @homeandgiftharrogate trade show in July! 

#veryearlysneakypeek #aw2425 #wholesalescarves #scarfsupplier #colourfulscarves
  • Brightening up our grid with this lovely photo to try and entice the sunshine ☀️ Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Gorgeous dress by @nordenstjerne 
Model @carmescolano 

#multicolourjewellery #popsofcolour #colourpops #yellowwall
  • Our Pebble Necklaces have been really popular. Bold and make a real statement but aren’t overbearing. Matching drop earrings and an elasticated bracelet are available too. 

Enter 602 in the search box on our website to see all pieces in green, mauve and raspberry.

#limegreennecklace #greennecklace #greennecklaceset #limegreenfashion #pebblenecklace

Thank you so much, I'll absolutely be recommending you. These are gifts but I'll be back for myself soon too.
Happy Customer
Absolutely thrilled to bits, the necklace is the perfect match to a dress I bought recently. Can't wait to wear it!
Happy Customer
Where have I been all your life! My brooch is amazing; every bit as good as the internet photo and then some!
Happy Customer
The contents of my beautifully wrapped parcel are absolutely gorgeous and the speed of service was outstanding!
Happy Customer
Just to say thank you not only for a beautiful product but outstanding service. Will recommend and return.
Happy Customer

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