Trade Tips for First Time Retail of Jewellery

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Trade Tips for First Time Retail of Jewellery

If you’re a retailer looking to introduce jewellery to your shop for the first time, here are some pointers that we’ve picked up on our journey through both retail and wholesale.

1. Make sure you have a mirror in the shop and that it is big enough and positioned suitably for customers to see at least chest level and up.

2. People are very individual and we all have our own likes and dislikes. If you need to gauge what styles of jewellery work best for your customers, don’t restrict yourself to buying in singles as you’ll never know if it was a quirky one-off purchase or not. And don’t buy just to your own taste!

3. If you change your window regularly, keep a note of which products were in it when, particularly if you are located in a location that gets a lot of passing footfall when you’re closed. People will come in and ask for ‘the blue necklace that was in your window two weeks ago’.

4. In our experience, colour blocking works better for sales than a section of all your jewellery. When we changed our exhibition stand from a by style layout to colour sections with scarves and other accessories added in, our order quantity and value increased. And retailers wanted to replicate the display style. If you’re not sure, why not try a bit of both?

5. Selling in sets can work well for Christmas but we’ve found that the flexibility to buy necklaces and earrings separately works best for both us in the trade and the end consumer. Some customers won’t wear earrings, some will only wear gold, others will want studs when the matching pair are drop earrings. And it’s for this last reason that we always have a good selection of resin stud earrings in stock; they sell well on their own but also to coordinate with our resin necklaces as an alternative option.

6. Packaging is key. As the importance of brand has grown, so has that of quality packaging. Shoppers like a nicely presented gift. And it all ties in with making a purchase easy for your customers. You may have your own store packaging but if not, we offer three styles: pillow packs, gift bags and boxes. We don’t sell the jewellery pre-boxed as it would mean a lot of waste and extra carriage costs for both us and those retailers wanting to promote their own brand. We charge for it at cost and, yes, whilst other suppliers might offer packaging free of charge, it will be built into their overheads somewhere.

7. Offering a wish list service can be a great addition. When we had our own shop, we kept an address book where we could list the items that a customer really liked and then they’d suggest to friends and family to do their gift shopping with us.

8. We were also very happy for people to bring in an item of clothing that they were trying to match to and gather up all the jewellery that we felt would work well with it for them to see together. This service was used in particular for wedding outfits.

We hope that the above tips are of us, even if it’s just one little thing. If you’re stocking Miss Milly for the first time and have any questions, please do give us a ring and we’ll happily help where we can.


  • Yes, it is still scarf weather. The sun was out in Worcestershire today but there was still a chill in the air. Our scarves are made from a 20% cotton and 80% viscose combo, which makes them lovely and soft. And their 100g weight means they are suitable for all year round. Whilst we have now sold out of some of our Spring-Summer ‘24 collection, there is still plenty to choose from online.

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  • We are delighted for you @thingsboscastle and look forward to a long and successful partnership 😀

If you have a shop in need of colourful jewellery and scarves, please get in touch! We are reasonably priced with a low minimum order and no minimum order quantities. 

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  • Sarah stopped in #bexhillonsea for breakfast on a pre-work coastal ride and popped by to see lovely customer @maybugsshop. She was too early and the rain was coming in so mission aborted. Maybe later in the week!

#customervisit #nomadicworker #preworkride #startingthedayright
  • “Here goes my first attempt at nomadic working!” Sarah is in #stleonardsonsea this week trying out working from a different location. Working on your own and from home can be quite isolating so she’s mixing it up on occasion this year with a bit of adventuring too. 

First hurdle was what would the mobile reception be like in her caravan (bargain £69 four night break) and it’s a big 👍 for the 5G signal and decent phone reception. Phew!

This was followed by a 9km breezy walk along the seafront. That blew away any work cobwebs! 

If you work alone, what do you do to avoid getting stuck in a rut and keep it interesting?

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  • Pretty, hand-painted jewellery sets. If t-shirts and vests are still not in our immediate future (is it 🌧️ again where you are?), these look good with shirt collars and over jumpers. 

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Thank you so much, I'll absolutely be recommending you. These are gifts but I'll be back for myself soon too.
Happy Customer
Absolutely thrilled to bits, the necklace is the perfect match to a dress I bought recently. Can't wait to wear it!
Happy Customer
Where have I been all your life! My brooch is amazing; every bit as good as the internet photo and then some!
Happy Customer
The contents of my beautifully wrapped parcel are absolutely gorgeous and the speed of service was outstanding!
Happy Customer
Just to say thank you not only for a beautiful product but outstanding service. Will recommend and return.
Happy Customer

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