What Jewellery to Wear with My Outfit?

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What Jewellery to Wear with My Outfit?

We hear both of these phrases a lot: I don’t really do jewellery and I always wear this same gold chain. And we always wonder, is it because you don’t want to or because you’re not sure which jewellery to go for? So, here’s a little delve into what kind of jewellery works well with a certain style of clothing. But don’t take this as gospel, wear what you want!

As with all fashion, there is an art to pairing pieces. If you’re wearing a solid shirt or plain top, a necklace can add definition and interest. Go for a co-ordinating colour or clash for maximum impact. Layered or bold, statement necklaces are great for high necklines. And if you’re wearing a loose or flowing shirt, a necklace can help define your body and stop it being overwhelmed by the garment. Go for something heavier here in a bold colour so that it stands out against the fabric. Fine necklaces and silver or gold chains will go with most types of top and work well with a t-shirt if you just want a subtle touch of jewellery.

Bracelets are arm candy and if your outfit is minimal, the more the merrier. They are the perfect stacking jewellery and can really dress up a casual outfit. Create impact with either the layering effect or through your choice of colour. Layered bracelets look fabulous with vests and tank tops. And bracelets can also add audio to your style with a bit of jingling of charms or bangles. Obviously, bracelets work better with short sleeves or shirts with rolled up cuffs. And you can mix and match with elasticated styles, bangles and clasped pieces.

Earrings had a big resurgence through the Covid19 lockdowns as so many people took to video conferencing for work and social gatherings. Top half dressing was the name of the game and earrings were perfect for this, accessorising your look perfectly, even if in reality it was a smart shirt with pyjama bottoms! With earrings we do hear people saying, for example, ’oh, I can’t wear drop earrings, my hair is too short’. Nonsense. Drop earrings can look amazing with crops. We dare you to try it and change from studs to drops and see how you feel. Bold earrings are perfect for a date night or special occasion as they draw attention to your beautiful face. For maximum effect, pick a colour that contrasts with your hair so they stand out. And earrings are the best jewellery to wear with a high neckline, bringing attention to your face.

Stud earrings have their place, work well for a number of occupations such as chefs and medical staff, and are a no debate option for mums or carers of babies who grab at your hair and ears. It can take a while to migrate back to drops once the kids are old enough and, as someone who loves long earrings, I can assure you that it really does feel wonderful to get them back.

What we love about rings is that you get to see them when you’re wearing them. Unlike earrings and short necklaces, rings are there for you to enjoy. And they go with every outfit; wedding and engagement rings are usually worn permanently, regardless of the occasion. And you can wear as many as you want, regardless of what other jewellery you have on. Often it comes down to how they feel on your fingers. Go for one or two bold rings or a selection of more delicate pieces, or combine the two, it’s personal choice. And unlike bracelets, rings work well with long sleeves and combine with bold earrings to jazz up a plain roll-neck.


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If you work alone, what do you do to avoid getting stuck in a rut and keep it interesting?

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